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Java version μ—…κ·Έλ ˆμ΄λ“œ μ£ΌκΈ°λŠ”?

μžλ°” 8둜 κ°œλ°œμ„ μ‹œμž‘ν•˜κ³  μ§€κΈˆκΉŒμ§€ 쭈욱 8둜 κ°œλ°œμ„ ν•˜κ³  μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 개인 토이 ν”„λ‘œμ νŠΈλŠ” μ˜ˆμ „λΆ€ν„° 11둜 μž‘μ„±ν•΄μ™”κ³  , μ‹€λ¬΄μ—μ„œλ„ μƒˆλ‘­κ²Œ μ‹œμž‘ν•˜λŠ” ν”„λ‘œμ νŠΈλ“€μ€ 11을 μ‚¬μš©ν•˜κ³  μžˆμ§€λ§Œ, μžλ°” 8둜 이미 개발된 ν”„λ‘œμ νŠΈλ“€μ€ λ²Œμ§‘μ„ κ±΄λ“œλ¦¬λŠ” 꼴이 될까봐 μ—…κ·Έλ ˆμ΄λ“œ ν•˜μ§€ λͺ»ν•˜κ³  있죠. 뭐 μ‘°λ§Œκ°„μ€ λ°˜λ“œμ‹œ ν•΄μ•Ό ν•  일이긴 ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€.

졜근 ν”„λ‘œμ νŠΈλ₯Ό μƒμ„±ν•˜λ‹€λ³΄λ©΄ 14λ²„μ „μ΄λ‚˜ κ·Έ μƒμœ„ 버전을 선택할 수 있게 λ˜λŠ” κ²½μš°κ°€ μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 잠깐 이 버전듀은 μ–Όλ§ˆλ‚˜ μ§€μ›λ˜λŠ” κ²ƒμΌκΉŒμš”? μ΅œμ‹  버전이라고 마λƒ₯ μ˜¬λ¦¬λŠ”κ²Œ μ •λ‹΅μΌκΉŒμš”? LTS κ°€ λ˜λŠ” 11 λ‹€μŒ 버전은 λͺ‡ μΌκΉŒμš”? ν•¨κ»˜ μ•Œμ•„λ΄…μ‹œλ‹€.

Just before the release of JDK 9, Oracle made a number of announcements about how the development, distribution and updating of Java would work moving forward. Rather than the multi-year, feature-driven release cycle, there are now two releases of Java each year. The dates of these are fixed (March and September) and include only the features that are ready at that time. - What Does Long-Term Support Mean for OpenJDK?

This faster release cadence would rapidly make providing extended support impractical, so Oracle said they would designate specific releases of the Oracle JDK binary as having long-term support (LTS). JDK 8 was designated with LTS to get things started, with JDK 11 being the first LTS release under the new model. LTS releases would then occur every three years (so every sixth JDK release).

μœ„ λ‚΄μš©μ€ κ°„λ‹¨ν•˜κ²Œ μ •λ¦¬ν•˜λ©΄ λ‹€μŒκ³Ό κ°™μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.

  • 맀년 두 번 릴리즈, λ‚ μ§œλŠ” 3μ›”μ΄λž‘ 9μ›”
  • 11 버전이 μžλ°” 8 μ΄ν›„λ‘œ 첫번째 LTS
  • LTS λ¦΄λ¦¬μ¦ˆλŠ” 3λ…„λ§ˆλ‹€ λ°œμƒ, 6κ°œμ›” λ§ˆλ‹€ μ—…λ°μ΄νŠΈ λ˜λŠ” 버전이 6번 올라갈 λ•Œλ§ˆλ‹€ μž„
  • λ”°λΌμ„œ λ‹€μŒ LTS λ¦΄λ¦¬μ¦ˆλŠ” 17

쑰금 더 생각해보면...

  • LTS κ°€ μ•„λ‹Œ 버전은 κ³ μž‘ 6κ°œμ›” 지원... 6κ°œμ›” λ’€μ—λŠ” 버그 λ‚˜μ˜€λ©΄ μ•Œμ•„μ„œ ν•΄κ²°ν•΄μ•Ό 함 😳
  • 2021λ…„ 9월에 λ‹€μŒ LTS 릴리즈인 17 이 λ‚˜μ˜¬ μ˜ˆμ •
  • ν•œλ‹¬ λ‚¨μ•˜λ‹€? (μ’€ 더 μ°Έκ³  μžˆλ‹€κ°€ 17 μ“ΈκΉŒ...)
  • μ•žμœΌλ‘œ λŒ€μΆ© 21λ…„ 더 μžλ°”λ₯Ό μ“΄λ‹€ 치면... 7 λ²ˆμ— LTS...
  • 그럼, 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 41, 47 κ°€ LTS
  • 21λ…„ λ’€λ©΄ 아이폰 32 κ°€ λ‚˜μ˜¬λ €λ‚˜... κ°€λ…ΈνŠΈλŠ” 31
  • μžλ°” 17 이후 버전 쯀이면 Golang μ“°κ³  μžˆμ§€ μ•Šμ„κΉŒ?

일단 λ‹€μŒ New Project λ²„νŠΌ λˆ„λ₯Ό λ•ŒλŠ” 17 λ‚˜μ˜€κΈ° μ „μ—” 무쑰건 11 둜 λ§Œλ“€λ‹€κ°€, 곧 17 이 λ‚˜μ˜€λ©΄ 17 둜 λ§Œλ“€μ–΄μ•Όκ² λ„€μš”. 그리고 8 β†’ 11 β†’ 17 λ³΄λ‹€λŠ” 8 β†’ 17 둜 ν•œλ²ˆμ— λ§ˆμ΄κ·Έλ ˆμ΄μ…˜ ν•˜λŠ”κ²Œ 더 쒋을 것 κ°™μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. λ¬Όλ‘  무쑰건 버전을 올리기 λ³΄λ‹€λŠ” 각 λ²„μ „μ—μ„œ κ°œμ„ λœ 점은 무엇인지, 무슨 이유둜 κ·Έλ ‡κ²Œ κ°œμ„ ν•˜κ²Œ 된 것인지λ₯Ό μ•„λŠ” 것이 더 μ€‘μš”ν•˜κ² μ§€μš”. μ‘°λ§Œκ°„ λ‹€μŒ λ²„μ „μ—μ„œ μΆ”κ°€λœ κΈ°λŠ₯을 μ •λ¦¬ν•΄λ΄μ•Όκ² μ–΄μš”.

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